La Dra. Travell y el Dr. Simons 
Fallece el Dr. Simons

David G. Simons ha fallecido el pasado día 5 de abril de 2010.

De acuerdo con sus propias palabras, pronunciadas días antes de morir, David Simons ha comenzado "una nueva aventura".


The original Spanish spark plug that ignited the interest of Spanish physical therapists in the myofascial field is Orlando Mayoral, owner of this website and director of the seminar series “Seminarios Travell & Simons”®. Through this leadership, Spain is becoming an international leader in the field of Myofascial Trigger Points (MTrPs).

This website, as well as the “Seminarios Travell & Simons”® series, will benefit greatly from the very close cooperation and collaboration among comparable leaders in this field in other countries: Jan Dommerholt and Robert Gerwin in the USA have provided training for many years through their Janet G. Travell Seminar Series and advanced the field through the FOCUS ON PAIN series of biennial international symposia. Christian Gröbli in Switzerland, established the David G. Simons Academy for training in clinical myofascial skills and for promoting MTrP research throughout Europe. Beat Dejung has been the pioneer of a more independent, but remarkably successful training program in this field in Switzerland. This website will report progress on their efforts to coordinate and standardize their training programs, particularly to establish a recognized set of diagnostic criteria for identifying MTrPs.

MTrPs are now beginning to be recognized as an essential component of the all-to-common neuro-musculo-skeletal dysfunctions. No patient with a musculoskeletal complaint is well served who has not received an adequate history and examination for MTrPs in their muscles that may be contributing significantly to their sensory complaints and common muscular dysfunctions such as reflex inhibition that presents as muscular weakness, but is rarely attributed to MTrPs. A remarkable series of well-designed research papers confirming the clinical impression that most headaches are caused by MTrPs are now being published by many Spanish physical therapists and especially by Cesar Fernandez. Skeletal components, such as any articular dysfunction (e.g. an SI joint of a patient with low back pain) must be identified and corrected. All three of these basic factors can interact strongly. In addition, factors (of which there are a multitude) that perpetuate the MTrPs and associated dysfunctions should be identified and corrective actions taken.

There is a limited but increasing number of medical practitioners who have this eclectic view of their patients. Orlando Mayoral has been an outstanding pioneer, leader, and teacher in this complex field. This website and the seminar series “Seminarios Travell & Simons”® are one more important step in the long tortuous journey to bring MTrP thinking and practice to the clinic where it will benefit the long-suffering patients enormously.

This complex MTrP field is advancing rapidly and as more practitioners become aware of it and interested, there is an increasing need for a source of information that provides basic resource information and awareness of new developments. One of the most important new developments featured on the website is the recognition of the remarkable potential of frequency specific microcurrent to treat many previously difficult and refractory tissue dysfunctions.

Stay tuned.
David G. Simons, MD